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Welcome to my weblog for the fa410 class I took in the fall 1999 semester.
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Thursday, September 09, 1999

9/9/99 11:02:32 PM
example of a super designed site is: ibm's site

9/9/99 1:27:01 AM
and saturn.org

9/9/99 1:07:58 AM
rsub is still kicking.

Wednesday, September 08, 1999

9/8/99 4:52:51 PM
Some more software that would be useful:

9/8/99 3:17:44 AM
My matrix lab front page/graphic. It uses no-fault CSS and Flash, meaning it should look fine on a basic 3.0 browser. Not tested yet of course.

Monday, September 06, 1999

9/6/99 2:27:21 PM
WebWord.com, a usability weblog I just stumbled upon. Good evolt message on splash screens.

Sunday, September 05, 1999

9/5/99 12:05:14 AM
Reading Tomalak's, which pointed to an interesting article on Tufte, which in turn had an inline link to a concise definition of ice, jello, and liquid at whatis.com. This in turn had a link to Project Cool which reminded about that site -- it's a great "intro" type site to properly orient budding web developers.

At whatis.com I was also able to track down their definition of a weblog, which a friend had asked about. More thoughts on weblogs at Camworld.

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