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Welcome to my weblog for the fa410 class I took in the fall 1999 semester.
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Thursday, October 28, 1999

10/28/99 11:19:37 PM
an interesting article in the washington post about the new dollar coin. noticed that the wp search is powered by google. via ars technica.

Of the Mint's $2.5 billion in annual revenue, $1.1 billion is profit. That 44 percent profit margin blows away even a top moneymaker such as Microsoft, whose 31 percent margin is none too shabby.

Things may get even better for the Mint. A Sacagawea will cost only about 10 to 15 cents to make, which means 85 to 90 cents will be pure profit. "It's a killer business!" Diehl said with a grin.

mind blowing when you think of it like that...

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

10/27/99 9:14:35 PM
oh my sides. from eatonweb

10/27/99 2:22:22 AM
jeez, 40 GB EIDE drives for $350. will probably pick up a drive about that size early next year. I have ~25 GB of storage but I've been feeling crunched for the past few months -- and I'm too lazy to burn some CDs...

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

10/26/99 8:06:05 PM
went to a talk by erik loyer (of razorfish la) on monday. his web project that he showed was pretty damn neat. entitled: the lair of the marrow monkey.

10/26/99 1:10:56 PM
a great nyt interview with Arthur C Clarke.

Monday, October 25, 1999

10/25/99 12:11:42 PM
hah, glowing christmas trees.

"We calculate that the initial trees would cost about 200, which means going for the upper end of the market. But I'm sure a lot of people would love them, especially the Americans."

10/25/99 2:08:03 AM

Sunday, October 24, 1999

10/24/99 10:09:55 PM
i had no idea that the WELL was still alive and kicking (found a reference in a recent UserLand comment. too bad their site doesn't have a history page. also too bad the the conferences aren't world readable. not that i have any free time anyway...

10/24/99 9:26:47 PM
haven't updated in a while. have had a busy week, and an even busier one coming, midterms in two classes (both look to be real bitches), and a big project, and some school stuff and some other crap too. one bright spot, though:mm99 next weekend.

i don't think i mentioned this, but in the beginning of september i switched my default browsing font to verdana and have not looked back (switched to designing primarily w/ verdana more than a year ago, but didn't make the connection until then, eheh). very easy on the eyes. cool seybold 98 typography seminar transcript is online.

reading the cDc /. Q&A answers, and on the discussion was a link to the doom/bo client. this is even better than the original doom patch that it's based off of. Gibsonia here we come. courtesy of open source.

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