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Welcome to my weblog for the fa410 class I took in the fall 1999 semester.
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Saturday, November 20, 1999

11/20/99 9:54:45 PM
we won finally this year. much dancing and tromping on the field ensued.

Thursday, November 18, 1999

11/18/99 11:03:26 PM
ahh, how to write unmaintainable code...

11/18/99 3:02:20 PM
interesting /. comment on napster:

Napster not only has slowed entire campus internet connections, it toasted a few too. Sonoma State University [where I attend] had some major probs after Napster 2.0 was realesed. Our bandwidth usage tripled overnite! This caused our Cisco routers to freak on us. For most of 2 days I was getting ~1K a sec offa sites like /. and ZDNet. It was also totally down for half the next day. Supposedly this also took down one of the colleges in San Fran as well. Definately something to be concerned about.

along these lines, this is an insightful /. comment. i'm definitely in a foul mood about the whole copyright issue. it was designed to protect and encourage artists, not to feed multi-billion corporations and industry associations who often repress and horribly rape artists (i'm talking specifically of the music industry here). humbug.

11/18/99 2:26:01 PM
a must read /. article on copyrights. dunno how i missed it the first time around.

11/18/99 12:51:56 PM
hmm, catamite... expanding vocabulary from a Matt Stone & Trey Parker interviews.

11/18/99 12:24:36 AM
after 10 hours of defragging my c drive, my computer is running smoother. yay. don't wanna do a reinstall yet...

11/18/99 12:20:10 AM
holy shiznit. from ars technica:

Guillemot, buyers of Hercules and the retailer of the suggestively named joystick manufacturer, Thrustmaster, were showing their new GeForce- based 3D accelerator, which they're calling the 3D Prophet. They were running on a Kryotech-enhanced Athlon system, which was crunching numbers at a smooth GIGAHERTZ! (Can I get a big-ass whoo-hoo from the crowd?)

Tuesday, November 16, 1999

11/16/99 6:05:31 PM
food for thought from tim o'reilly about the whole m$ deal. also of interest may be microsith and the reality distortion field.

11/16/99 2:42:49 AM
speaking of caltech, a friend just sent me this questionaire which is awesome. i am true neutral w/ good tendencies — 7 points toward chaos, 9 points toward good. ;-) i should quit school and go adventurin'.

or i can just play q3demo test all day...

11/16/99 2:38:44 AM
big words used by artists, philosophers, and intellectualists:

  • conflate - fancy way of saying bringing together, combining, or confuse (yay ambiguity) - fav. of my phil prof.
  • explicate - way fancy way of saying explain, but is useful because it also means to analyze logically
  • transgressive - to violate, to go beyond a limit or boundary. seems to be a fav of my fa prof
  • disintermediate - wired word

expand your vocabulary and your perceived intelligence. fun for the whole family!

11/16/99 2:30:59 AM
caltech was very cool. they have a nice campus (didn't get to see the whole thing) and the area around it is pretty nice (burbs type area). And, despite the skewed student body ratio, there was much fine scenery around. high school, no doubt. ;-0 eheh.

i only took two decent photos at the campus. (the second one illustrates fun that can be had with a dusty lens).

The web talk itself wasn't bad. It ran a bit long, and yes, most of the stuff is on the web site, but the tidbits were entertaining and I met some cool people. Philip also offered me a job. ;-P I believe that he was only half joking.

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