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Welcome to my weblog for the fa410 class I took in the fall 1999 semester.
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Saturday, December 04, 1999

12/4/99 11:16:19 PM
the space marine... is back baby.

Friday, December 03, 1999

12/3/99 9:38:56 AM
attention, fat corporate bastards! - insights of the true currency of the net. courtesy of @man

12/3/99 9:33:45 AM
watch out everyone. your online rights don't matter if someone else with 6 billion more dollars wants what you have (also covered in the village voice). i'd recommend not shopping there anymore.

oh, and etoys: "holders of a famous mark are not automatically entitled to use that mark as their domain name; trademark law does not support such a monopoly." -- ruling by U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock of Boston in regards to the Clue.com domain name.

Thursday, December 02, 1999

12/2/99 10:19:30 PM
heheh. all kinds of weird stuff at ShugaShack's Image of the Day.

whoa. now this is fucked up.

Wednesday, December 01, 1999

12/1/99 7:52:08 PM
today was a day w/o weblogs. i was too busy/lazy/apathetic to participate. maybe next year... or if blogger implements an easy to use dww blogger feature. i'm not kidding. this would be really useful in promoting important events or posts or stuff. you could even have blog have ready made blog posts that they let you use. of course this would totally suck if they did this non-voluntarily. heheh... (still using blogger because it's commercial-free)

12/1/99 9:45:35 AM
I need to take a look through More Like This sometime. pretty neat site in general.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

11/30/99 3:03:26 AM
Panpsychism is a philosophical theory which holds that everything in the universe, the inorganic world as well as the organic, has some degree of consciousness.

11/30/99 12:02:58 AM
soon we will all have large blind spots.

Sunday, November 28, 1999

11/28/99 2:52:55 PM
from last night while i was procrastinating. it sounded much more clever at 4am in the morning.

hahaha. toy story 2, satan's new film.

this article of course remindes me of the similarly ridiculous cap group. now these guys are actually serious. check out their recent reviews of dogma, american beauty, iron giant (!). for a real laugh, check out their review of south park. now, i know the aim is protect their kids, but they (the adult reviewers) sound completely mortified. the reviewer of dogma walked out of movie 38 minutes in, of course missing the whole point -- isn't it ironic, don't you think?

11/28/99 2:52:12 PM
i think blogger ate some of my worthless posts over the weekend. oh well.

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